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Founded by Justus Roper, a Visionary in Life Insurance Solutions

Justus Roper
From a young age, Justus Roper has exhibited a remarkable blend of entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. A student of the University of Akron with a degree in business, Roper's journey into entrepreneurship began early. At just 19, he earned his real estate license, laying the foundation for his impressive career in sales and business.

Today, as the CEO of Speed Financial Group, Roper is driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to speedy solutions. Embracing the motto "We Solve Problems Fast," he and his dedicated team specialize in providing tailored life insurance services, ensuring peace of mind and financial security for all clients.
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Ensure a bright and secure future for your loved ones. With our life insurance plans, every family ride is a journey towards peace of mind.

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Discover life insurance solutions that resonate with your life goals. We're here to guide you through making informed decisions for a secure tomorrow.


Achieve your aspirations with confidence. Our life insurance plans offer the stability you need to focus on your career and personal growth.
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  • Working with Justus at Speed Financial Group has been a transformative experience. His insights into the life insurance industry are unparalleled. Justus doesn't just sell policies; he provides a roadmap for financial security and peace of mind. His approach is personal, yet highly professional, ensuring that every plan aligns with my family's needs. It's rare to find someone so dedicated and knowledgeable. Justus is more than an agent; he's a trusted advisor for life's most important decisions.


  • From the moment I reached out to Speed Financial Group, I knew I was in good hands. Their team, led by the exceptional Justus Roper, made the complex world of life insurance understandable and accessible. The level of personalized service and attention to detail is extraordinary. They not only addressed my immediate needs but also helped me plan for the long term, ensuring that my family is protected no matter what the future holds. Speed Financial Group stands out for its integrity, expertise, and genuine care for clients.


  • Justus Roper's expertise in life insurance is evident from the first consultation. His ability to simplify intricate details and tailor solutions for individual needs is remarkable. Under his guidance, I found the perfect balance of coverage and investment for my lifestyle. What sets Justus apart is his commitment to educating his clients, empowering us to make informed decisions. With Justus and Speed Financial Group, I am confident that my financial future is secure.


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